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Making Google Calendar a responsive embed with Mobile support

Google Calendar is amazing, but the embed code is pretty old.  They haven't updated it in many years. Since everything is Mobile First today, I needed a way to display better on cell phones. The following code does the following: Define a Responsive Cal types so that it uses 100% of the frame Define a DeskContent and a PhoneContent sizes (with a width of 768 being the switch point)  Wrap all of it in the Responsive Call Div so it all resizes automatically Display the Month view of the calendar if it's a desktop resolution Display the Agenda view of the calendar if it's a mobile resolution I've formatted this so that it can be placed inline in your HTML file. The first Embed should be your calendar code set to the Month view. The second Embed should be your calendar code set to the Agenda view.

Build your own Ski Storage Rack

I started with the plans from this guys website:

However, I decided they didn't fit my needs, and they were honestly a little hard to follow.  So here's my attempt.

Design Parameters

I wanted a few things when I came up with this.  I wanted it to be easy to assemble, yet not look horrible if someone saw it.
It had to hold a minimum of 4 ski's, plus poles.

With this in mind, I decided to make the whole rack 48" wide, since this was very easy to cut for me. This worked out to holding 5 pairs of ski's and poles.
Download the Design (Page 1) and Template (Page 2)
This design places the ski's 8.25 apart, leaving plenty of room for bindings. 


Quanty Description
2 .75" x 48" Wood Dowels
1 2 x 4 x 8 Pine Stud
4 2.5 inch Screws

Cut Sheet

  1. Cut the 2x4 into a 48" long length.  Keep the best looking side, and set the other piece aside.
  2. Cut the .75" dowel into pieces.  I used 6" pieces for the ski's, and 5" pieces for the poles.


  1. Using the Template (Page 2 of the linked PDF), line it up on the left side of the 2x4, and mark hole #1, #2, and #3.
  2. Move the template, and position #2 over the mark you just made for #3, and mark the NEW #3. This will give you the spacing between each set of Ski's.
  3. Move the template, and position #1 over the NEW #3 you just made, and mark #1, #2, and #3.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 till you run out of board.  If you are making a 48" design like mine, you should end up with 5 ski's perfectly centered.
  5. Take a .75 wood drill bit (I like speed bores), and drill out the holes you just marked.  Take care to have the hole straight.
  6. Test fit your dowels into the holes.
  7. Glue the dowels into the holes with a bit of wood glue.  The glue does not support the Ski's, it's to keep the dowels from falling out.
  8. Drill 4 evenly spaced hole in the 2x4 to mount it to the wall.
Here are some pictures of my completed rack.


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