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Dilbert on Firewalls

On of the tasks I routinely do at work involves firewalls.  Create configurations for them, Administer them, design deployment strategies for them. Scott Adams posted  this , this week. It neatly summarizes the sentiment the guy deploying the firewall has.

Creating a Self Signed Certificate for NPS for testing

Recently I had need to create a test RADIUS server, using NPS (Network Policy Server).  In order to create PEAP policies, you need a certificate issued to the NPS server. The correct way to put a certificate on the server is to Issue a real certificate to the NPS server from a real register such as Verisign, or Entrust. You can also issue a certificate from your own CA authority. Neither of these options are quick or easy. What if you just need a certificate to see if something works. Here's how to do that. First download from Microsoft the IIS 6.0 Resource kit tools . Included in this tool kit is SelfSSL.  A tool created by Microsoft to issue and install a self-signed SSL certificate. Launch SelfSSL from Start >Programs > IIS Resources > SelfSSL > SelfSSL (Note: You must run SelfSSL elevated as an Administrator) Type in the following command to generate a new certificate of key length 1024 with a validity period of 10 years (3652 days): selfssl.exe /N