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How to Install RustDesk on Your Synology NAS

RustDesk is a remote desktop software, the open source TeamViewer / AnyDesk alternative. You have full control of your data, with no concerns about security since it only sends data to a server that you setup. You can use a public rendezvous/relay server or self-host one. In this step by step guide I will show you how to install RustDesk on your Synology NAS using Docker and DSM 7.2 I've based a significant amount of this guide on guides. First, Follow the following 4 guides: Step 0: Docker, Memory Recommendations and Limitations Step 1: Directory Setup Guide Step 2: Setting up a restricted Docker user Step 3: Setting up a Docker Bridge Network Following these guides will give you a nice Docker folder structure, a restricted user to run your containers on (this is more secure) and a dedicated network for your containers. Lets Begin First we need to set up some folders for RustDesk to save its configuration files and also where the Project will save th

FreeRADIUS PEAP against Active Directory

*Note* This is very old, and very outdated.  I was going to remove it, but according to google, it's still searched very often.  So it stays. *Note* Ok, this is a work in progress. I defiantly have to clean this up, and reorder my thoughts, as well as test my installation. I know there are a few steps I did that I didn't write down This is a Paste from my initial notes. I'll work on it here live. Debian 802.1x PEAP authenticating against Active Directory, using FreeRADIUS First, get OpenSSL Then get libssl Ignore the freeRADIUS package.As of this writing, it’s freeRADIUS 1.0.1-2.Due to license restrictions, it cannot contain the binaries for OpenSSL. We have to use the source. Download the latest release of freeRADIUS.Hopefully when you read this, it will be freeRADIUS 1.1.x, and the rest of the document will be redundant, because these problems will be fixed. As of this writing, the current stable version is 1.0.2 Unzip freeRADIUS Tar –zxvf freeradius-1.0.2.tar.gz