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Syncing Outlook to Google Calendar

Like a lot of business professionals, I use Outlook powered by Exchange in the office for calendaring / email.  I also use an Android phone, and extensively use Google Calendar to coordinate with my Wife. In previous jobs, I would totally by into Exchange, and have my work email on my personal phone, and merge everything. With the start of my new job, I didn't need to be "that" connected.  However, I needed to see my work calendar often to schedule personal items. I'm using the following software to do this now. It's configured as a One-way sync, Outlook to Google Calendar. It works very well, with the obvious caveat that it requires my laptop to be running for items to update on my phone. It doesn't sync email, but that's ok, because I don't want it. It has the un-intended side effect of allowing my phone to have access to my work calendar, without running the MDM (Mobile Device Manager) so