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Support for Remotec Z-Wave ZXT-120 Controller for Mini-Split A/C on Staples Connect

So I use StaplesConnect for my home automation needs.  Works great, except the company has discontinued it.

I'm copying some of the help articles, since at some point, the help pages are going to disappear.

The GE 45633 Z-Wave Remote allows you to add and configure devices to the Staples Connect.
Link to the GE 54633 Z-Wave Remote

  1. Exclude the ZXT-120 from the Staples Connect hub if you've already added it.
  2. Add the GE 45633 to the Staples Connect. (See Page 25, Copying Information to this Remote). On the Staples Connect hub, you'll search for a generic Z-Wave device, and it will complain, but it will add it.
  3. Use the GE 45633 to add the device to the Staples Connect hub. It will automatically show up on the Staples Connect hub UI without having to interact with it. Page 21 details how to add a thermostat. (Took two tries for me)
  4. Configure param 27 to be the code for your AC unit as specified in the ZXT-120 manual. Press the thermostat button on the GE 45633. Next, you'll press and hold the "Setup" button on the GE 45633 until it goes into a menu. Then select ADV SETUP and use the arrows to navigate to PARAM 27. It'll ask NUM BYTES, use the right arrow to so it says 2 BYTES, then use the left arrow so it says 1 BYTE. Press okay and them use the arrows to change the PARAM VAL to the correct one. It will ask you to press the top button on the ZXT-120 after you press ok. The display should then say SUCCESS.
  5. You need to login to and go to click Device Assistant > List of Devices > Thermostat #. Click the "i" with a circle around it, click the Commands tab and press "Rediscover Node" and then press "Run Wizard".
At this point, if the code you programmed into PARAM 27 is correct, you should be able to control the thermostat with the Staples Connect. If the code you entered is not the correct one, you'll have to repeat this last few steps. This final step is telling the Staples Connect to go grab the config from the ZXT-120.

You can use the GE45633 to turn on/off the thermostat, this confirming if you entered the correct code, before you do the whole sync step on the Staples Connect website.

Side note: the remote that comes with your AC will not show the correct status of your AC when using the Staples Connect to control it, and visa versa. This isn't really too much of an issue though. If your unit is off and the remote says its on, just turn it "off", which it already is, and then "on". Same goes for the Staples Connect.

Side note: I think this same method could be used to configure motion sensors with configurable timeouts and other such items.


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