Finding Stale Mailboxes in Meridian Mail

Sometimes when you have a large enterprise, and a old installation you lose track of mailboxes. Other times, people just stop using them, and leave, and never tell you they're gone.

Here's a quick way to print out a list of mailboxes that the system has marked "Stale"

Open up Meridian Mail and login.

  1. Select System Status and Maintenance
  2. Select System Event and Error Reports (SEERS)
  3. Select SEER Retrieval
  4. In SEER Class, put in 91, this is the only info you need to enter, unless you have more than one report. (Small Systems may have multiple reports)
  5. Either select show report, or Print it.
That's all there is too it. It will actually show you how many days it's been since someone logged into the mailbox.


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