Print Info from Meridian Mail

Part of my Job is adminstering a Meridian Mail Voicemail system. Occasionally I have to print information that I'm searching for.

Using Procomm Plus, It's possible to print this infromation.

  1. Create a Generic / Text Only Printer. Do this (on Windows XP)by: 
    1. Select Add a Printer
    2. Hit next on the Wizard, Select "Local Printer Attached to this computer", Deselect "Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play Printer" and hit Next 
    3. In the "Use the Following Port:" dialog, from the drop down box, select FILE: (Print to File) and press Next.
    4. In the next screen, From the Manufacturer select Generic and in the Model box select Generic / Text Only and hit Next.
    5. Hit Next on the rest of the dialog boxes, and you should be done. You might want to change the Default printer question to No
  2. In Procomm, select the Generic Text Only Printer in the Printer Setup dialog
  3. In Notepad, type out the path of the file you want to save it to, and put copy it to the clipboard.
  4. Select Print from Procomm
  5. A box will pop up asking for the filename. Paste the filename you prepared in step 3 into this box. You have to do this VERY quickly.
  6. Leave it alone until Meridian Mail stops saying Working.


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