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Multi User Picasa

Just setup a new family computer, and I wanted to setup a different user account for both me and Rachel.

One of the programs both of us use is Picasa, and of course we want to share the same photos (and reflect edits back to each other.

This guy has some nifty tips on how to do that:

ASDM error: Unconnected Sockets not Implemented

I was installing ASDM on a new machine at work, and was greeted with the following Error:

ASDM is unable to continue loading. Click OK to exit from ASDM.
Unconnected sockets not implemented.

Thankfully, this gentleman had already had this particular grief, and had found the resolution:

Short answer, uninstall Java6 Update 10, and roll back to Java6 Update 7.

Carbonite vs Mozy vs Jungle Disk

I decided that with my daughter coming into my life, that I need to now backup all my precious pictures of her.

This is slightly easier said than done, since I'm currently clocking in around 30 GB of pictures.
So what backup service did I choose?